Working with me

You are here, because you want more for yourself… I know the feeling.

But you feel stuck…you feel emotional F**K!

What if I told you, that you had the key within you to change your life?

What if I told you, I can show you how to unlock yourself from the frustration, the exhaustation, the questioning – so YOU can unlock your TRUE SELF – the playful, confident & vibrant YOU! To BE free, to trust your intution and STAND IN YOUR POWER!

Coaching is not a “doing for”- “therapy” process, it is a do WITH process! I can show you HOW to re-align your head, heart & gut in WHOLE BODY FUSION!

So wouldn’t NOW be a good time to invest in yourself!

Are you ready for Whole Body Fusion?

Working with your head, heart & gut to align you to your power!

Flat to Flourish Workshop $195

Half day workshop to change your beliefs, mind and body to create Whole Body Fusion! Plus 1hour of Personal Power Process and an MP3 meditation to keep.

Coming soon to a capital city near you!

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($100 non-refundable deposit)

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Level 2 workshop follows on from Flat to Flourish -where we focused on the HEAD/MIND – now it is time for the self love (HEART).
Are you ready to REWIRE to align?
Bonus Personal Power Process included


Wellness begins in the mind -Wellness in the MIND creates Wellness in the BODY!

Change your mind/belief response to change your body’s reaction and shift your inner wise woman to a whole new level!

Personal Power Packages

One on One Personal Power Packages – available in 1 off session or 12  packs – either mobile or Skype or Face to Face.

Single Session – $295

12 Session Personal Power Package (Fortnightly) – $3000 (Discount applied if paid in full)

VIP Mastermind- Weekly Coaching sessons + 5 MP3 meditations for 12 weeks – $3500

DIAMOND- PERSONAL POWER (6 month intensive ) – $9990

*Application ONLY  – Book in now for a chat
* 1 one-on-one private weekend
* Weekly Personal Power Sessions  x24 (via phone)

(Please note – a thank you discount applies for paying upfront otherwise payment plans are available)

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4 week online self paced program
Weekly work sheets
Weekly guided meditation recordings
Weekly LIVE calls – clearing processes to unblock your bullshit beliefs!
BONUS if paid in full ($495)

WBF  MP3’s

Decide which ones you want and email me your order @ $9.90 each

  • Game Changer
  • Body Celebration
  • Morning Mojo
  • Night time Nourish
  • Release the Rocks
  • Restful Sleep

What can you do for me?

  • Offer step by step guidance in aligning your head, heart & gut into Whole Body Fusion
  • Provide knowledge, skills & insight into trusting yourself at a whole new level to stand in your POWER!
  • Create safe and nurturing environment for change to occur

Why should I work with you?

  • I’m genuine, magnetic & unique
  • If you commit to WHOLE BODY FUSION then you will align your head, heart & gut for LIFE!
  • Which means, you will finally learn how to bring yourself back into center & create an empowered life that embodies positive new beliefs & powerful results
  • And everything in your life will move forward with greater ease – because you can call yourself on your own bullshit & make things happen!

You will notice the shifts instantly….

Unexpected Results…

  • Improved mood
  • More energy
  • Sleep more peacefully
  • Walk with pride
  • Eliminate negative behaviours
  • Get your mojo back
  • Feel sexy and confident and comfortable in your own skin!
  • Trust your instinct!
  • Have more focus
  • Create a vibrant love affair with yourself
  • Release the bullshit stories you have been holding onto – ONCE & FOR ALL
  • Develop your strengths to a whole new level
  • Transform your weaknesses
  • Change your reaction to the past
  • Create a new way of thinking therefore being!