“You’re pure brilliance!

If you have a chance to have a transformational session with Selina, RUN, don’t walk to her calendar and book yourself in as soon as you can. I had sessions with a highly regarded transformational coach last year (6hrs worth), and I thought she was great, but I didn’t feel like I ever got to the REAL bottom of my problem, I felt always on the edge of it, closer maybe.

Then I experienced Selina’s coaching.  In a little over an hour, Selina guided me to obliterate a belief I’d had almost my entire life, a belief that was really stopping me moving forward onto exciting things, with amazing people.  I looked in the mirror this morning and I now see someone different, someone who didn’t live with those old ‘stories’ influencing her anymore at all.  It’s wonderful!

Before my session with Selina, I was frozen, I was scared to do some seemingly simple things in my business and I couldn’t figure out why.  I had a bit of a clue, but today – the very next day after my session, I’m doing things in my business like they’re just the next thing to do, happily, easily.  Without worry, just excitement.  THANK YOU Selina, from the bottom of my heart. You’re pure brilliance!

Mariska Anderson Ph.D, New Zealand


“She is attentive, compassionate and a really good listener.”

Once we met it was very clear that Selina had invested a great deal of time reviewing my responses and learning about how to best help align me with a good outcome. She was available to me after our session and provided a strong follow up schedule which I felt I needed.

She is attentive, compassionate and a really good listener. I felt completely at ease and uncharacteristically open to discuss my personal challenges and ideas with her.   Her gentle nature and authentic desire to help, as well as her calm sense of confidence in the knowledge she had enabled me to open up, ask the right questions, answer the tricky ones and ultimately move forward to a place I deserve to be. My gratitude to Selina is something I am aware of each day, and I look forward to working with her again when she returns to Bali.

Simone Rogers, General Manger Novotel Bali 2014


“I feel more adventurous, confident, alive and accepting of who I am.”

The difference in how I feel about myself since I started my coaching sessions with Selina has surprised me. This week I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow – I look beautiful”, which is such a change in my usual self talk. And not just once – but several times.  I used to talk to myself with such venom that I would never direct at anyone else.

I feel more adventurous, confident, alive and accepting of who I am. I haven’t touched a lolly in months – and that used to be a four times a day habit that we have broken.

It’s a do with process. Selina has guided me gently (and less gently when necessary) to help my understand my patterns of thinking and change them in a positive way.

Whilst I’ve always been outwardly positive, I feel like my inside voice is finally matching my outward voice and for that I am truly thankful.

Beth Amy, Corporate Administrator


“So much more than I expected!”

Thank you Selina so much, it’s hard to put into words how profoundly you have changed the course of my life and my family’s life for the better. I believe in not putting up with crappy stuff in life if it’s been going on for a while, I believe in going professional. So I have years of experience as a seeker of living my best life. Which is why I can so easily recommend your approach. You have the depth of understanding through experience and a long list of skills and credentials.

What I experienced with you is difficult to describe because it was so much more than I expected and it was not something I understood or realised. However none of that matters because what I got were results!

Amazing sustained results! 

You were able to see what I couldn’t. You were able to break it down and help me clear out what was holding me back, getting in my way and creating unhelpful unconscious habits. Love your work!

Lisa Marie Business Woman & Mother of 2 – Brisbane.