About Selina

Selina is your Whole Body Fushion Specialist!

She will empower you to bust through your bullshit – you know, that stuff that you keep feeding yourself – that part of you that tells you all the reasons why you can’t do what you want to do!

With Focus, Clarity, Power and Determination she will hold the space for you to unlock what is really holding you back in your life, to stop feeding yourself the bullshit stories –to shed your fears; unleash your passion and soar into your incredible life – because you are worth it!

With a highly skilled background as a qualified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Maternity Nanny, Business Cert with HRM & Human Services Professional (child & family services); she has walked the path of her own journey of growth and transformation – knowing first hand what it is like on both sides – from weight loss to kicking breast cancer’s butt!

Through her diversity of over 17 years experience from around the world (Australia, UK, France & New York) including her Coaching, Counselling, Social Welfare and Maternity Child Care experience, blog & website to help Inspire, Shine and Soar your life to a new level of existence.


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**Nominated for Telstra Business Women Award 2015